Roofing F.A.Q.

What are some common roofing issues?

There are many types of roofs and therefore different issues and trouble that can arise depending what type of roof you have. Some common issues with shingle roofs involve the shingles themselves. Often one side of the roof is more prone to wear and tear from exposure to sun and UV rays. The wear and tear on the roof shingles will be visible and often look curled and dried out as well as lifted off of the roof surface. During high winds it is also possible for shingles to be blown off and it is important for them to be replaced quickly. Other issues with shingle roofs can be seen in the valleys of homes. Often these areas of the roof are the ones that see the largest buildup of snow and ice and if not properly sealed can lead to roof infiltration. Shingle roofs also require proper ventilation in the roof. Without proper ventilation, shingle roofs can start to deteriorate from the inside out. It is good to have a professional verify the status of your roof every few years in order to avoid unexpected repairs.

Some common issues arising from flat roofs depend on what type of flat roofing material you have. The two most popular forms of roofing material for flat roofs are tar and gravel as well as membrane roofing. Tar and gravel roofs were the preferred method for many years, but as technology evolved, membrane roofs are currently taking over that market. Tar and gravel roofs are laid down on the roof using liquid tar and then topped off with gravel. This makes it very difficult to find any leaks or issues on your roof. The top layer of gravel first needs to be removed in order to see any issues with cracking. Having to sweep off the top layer of gravel is costly and time consuming and does not necessarily guarantee finding a leak. We recommend all of our clients switch to a membrane roof as opposed to tar and gravel. With membrane roofs, leaks normally arise from the seams of the laid down membrane rolls and are more easily visible. With all flat roofs there can be an issue with water pooling, this comes from the fact that the roof does not offer the proper slope to allow water to drain. Drains on the roof can also create issues, especially in the fall time when leaves and debris quickly fill the drain, not allowing water to leave the roof. If you feel that your roof has any of these issues, don't hesitate to contact us for a free estimate and review of the current state of your roof.

What are composite shingles?

Composite shingles have gained popularity in recent years as a great replacement for natural cedar and natural slate roofs. Homes that are looking to keep the heritage look of their buildings can benefit from composite shingle technology. Composite shingles are fabricated using recycled plastics and have an extremely long life. These composite shingles offer a more environmentally friendly way to protect your home while not trading off on the style element. Composite shingles from Global Hybrid Roofing solution are created from recycled plastics, and are in turn completely recyclable leaving the lowest carbon foot print of any roofing material on the market today. Composite shingles come in a variety of styles and colours and are extremely resistant to fading from UV rays as well, they are fire resistant. The cost of composite shingles are higher than that of regular shingles, but comparable to the cost of cedar or slate roofs. Composite shingles can last up to 50 years, making them a sound investment for any home owner or business owner looking towards low cost future maintenance. For more information on composite shingles and if they are right for you, contact us for a free quote.

What are green/ eco roofs?

Eco and green roofs are a growing industry, especially in urban areas such as Montreal and the West Island. Soprema offers specialty roofing materials to allow clients to convert their current flat roofs into gardens and green roof spaces. With the grow of green roofs, there comes many benefits to all. Proper draining and filtration products from Soprema allow your converted rooftop green space to be a garden or grassy area, thus allowing the city to breathe better. With the government of Quebec and Canada offering green incentives to businesses, green and eco roofs are a great way to do your part for Montreal and West Island. For more information on green roofs and eco roofs, contact us and we will be happy to give you more information or a free estimate.